Changing realities in the modern workplace have emphasized the need for HR to step up to lead. But while many have coveted a seat at the proverbial strategic table for years, few currently consider themselves a significant contributor to the organizational development strategy.


In HR Leadershift, Sara Christiansen identifies five distinctions that set Strategic HR Leaders apart from their traditional counterparts: Impact, Influence, Inspiration, Innovation, and Integration. With both strategic thinking and tactical advice, Christiansen offers HR readers a guide for overcoming fears, hurdling obstacles, and pulling up a chair so they can make a difference- differently.

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  • HR has been shoved into a different game that demands radical transformation and conventional wisdom must be sent for an autopsy. In this book Sara Christiansen delivers a forward-thinking and courageous framework that must be embraced.”

    CURT COFFMAN co-author of First Break all the Rules and Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

    "The five distinctions of a strategic HR leader are spot on. Sara Christiansen has mapped the road to the future.”

    CY WAKEMAN Founder Reality-Based Leadership, New York Times Bestselling Author, No Ego