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HR is not just my profession; it is my passion. I have been on an emotional journey trying to foresee the future of HR. The modern workplace is changing rapidly and I believe the traditional HR model is becoming unsustainable.

So recently, I decided it was time to start a profession-wide dialogue to develop a common language and benchmark criteria for Strategic HR Leadership.


Since 2008, I have been planning and facilitating Strategic HR Conferences across the US. I have delivered hundreds of keynote addresses on the subject of Strategic HR. And I have engaged in countless one-on-one conversations about this with business leaders.


For over two years, I embarked on an informal research study that collected the broad perspectives of thousands of HR professionals. In every venue possible, I asked respondents to identify the distinctions that differentiate Strategic HR from Traditional HR. I wanted to know how similar- or dissimilar- our perspectives were.

After collecting mountains of data, I realized that our collective opinion of what constitutes a strategic approach can be summarized in five distinctive categories: Impact, Influence, Inspiration, Innovation, and Integration.

-Sara Christiansen

strategic human Resource soltutions

Changing realities in the modern workplace have emphasized the need for HR to step up to lead. But while many have coveted a seat at the proverbial strategic table for years, few currently consider themselves a significant contributor to the organizational development strategy.


The five distinctions set strategic human resource leaders apart from their traditional counterparts.This professional development program offers you a guide for overcoming fears, hurdling obstacles, and pulling up a chair so you can make a difference -differently.


“HR has been shoved into a different game that demands radical transformation and conventional wisdom must be sent for an autopsy. Sara Christiansen delivers a forward-thinking and courageous framework that must be embraced.”


co-author of​ First Break all the Rules and

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

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Strategic HR Leaders analyze data to predict and measure outcomes. We quantify the human capital ROI and our impact on business metrics.


Strategic HR Leaders are adept at developing key relationships with all stakeholders. Along with an expertise that awards credibility, these relationships ensure our acceptance as an integral contributor to organizational planning and leadership efforts.


Strategic HR Leaders are the ambassadors of organizational culture. We study neuroscience and apply psychological methodologies to ensure a work environment that fosters employee engagement and personal accountability.


Strategic HR Leaders challenge convention, look to the future, and manage change. We utilize technology, social science principles, validated research findings, and changing market trends to deliver proactive HR strategies.


Strategic HR Leaders truly understand the business drivers and collaborate closely with our non-HR colleagues to deliver practical human capital solutions that are highly valued throughout the organization.


the five distinctions Workshop


This professional development program is designed to elevate the strategic talents of your HR team. Through an interactive approach, participants will gain business acumen and begin to see their role through a value-added lens.

The cost of this program varies based upon group size and scheduling demands. Please contact us for a customized quote.

Who should participate?

Generalists, HR Managers, HR Executives and emerging HR Leaders. 


What can we expect?

  • This leadership development program includes interactive workshops to explore the distinctions of a strategic HR leader.

  • Participants will be asked to pick a practical applications to implement strategic solutions that will add value to your organization. (ie: redesigning performance management system, create a training program for leaders, research and present a summary of trends within your industry, etc.)

  • Each learner will receive three 30 minute individual coaching sessions to discuss their project, their professional development and innovative strategic solutions.


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